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What you should expect from a taping contractor

A job well done. Civility and respect for you and your neighbours.

What is expected from the customer in return.

Health and safety.

Jobsite cleanliness is important and there is far less a chance of accidents happening if furniture and fittings we would have to work around, and possibly fall over, were removed from the site. Your job would also be finished faster as we wouldn't lose any production time doing non essential tasks.

Please be aware that dust is an everyday hazard of working with plaster and drywall and we expect you to consider this before any work commences. Whilst every precaution such as adequate ventilation and protection will be used, we cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur.


When the plasterboard has been sanded and tidied up, your job is ready for decoration. We recommend the decoration is done by a professional as a bad paint job could ruin your new surface.

It is understandable you have every right to do the job yourself, however please note, if you are intending to use wallpaper, then use a drywall sealer. If you are planning on applying paint to your walls and ceilings, you should use a generous coat (or two) of a high solid content latex drywall primer (before) emulsion is used. Please DO NOT use a high gloss paint on taped walls and ceilings unless they have been completely slurry coated with joint compound to equalise the paint suction or brought up to a "level 5" specification that involves spraying Pro Spray finishing compound and Tuff Hide level surfacer before decoration. You have been warned!