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Ames taped warehouse ceiling

Ames taping - Decorated finish

New Speedy warehouse

Unique load bearing beam


Ames taped house extension

External angle tape detail

Ames taped extension detail

Unsanded Ames taping

Unsanded Ames taping

Unsanded Ames taping

New build turret house

Diary page. What's been happening?

Off the tools...?

April 11th 2013
Yup, that's right. I've been working elsewhere lately and I am currently off the tools, but due to this websites favourable rankings in search engine results, my ability of being able to answer calls quickly and our network of quality tapers, boarders, dryliners, painters and plasterers from the taping and jointing drywall forum I still receive regular enquiries that are passed onto other contractors all over the UK.

In time, if the construction industry ever finds its way back to how it was pre-2008 and I am not expected to knock out 3 houses a week just to break even, then I will surely re-find my enthusiasm. However, I don't care much for it at the moment and may even condider a sensible offer for this domain name and some second hand taping tools.

Email enquiries encouraged.

September 13th 2011
Unfortunately it's currently impossible for any contract to be done with less than one months notice. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, but I would really appreciate any questions, availablity or quotation requests to be sent via our preferred method of email as this allows me more time to check a diary and figure out a schedule.

If we are unavailable, we can then send you another recommended tapers contact details that will lower the chances of disruption to your own plans.


August 31st 2011
Due to a heavy workload and currently not having enough staff on the books, taking on large projects at short notice isn't possible. However, if you are able to make plans in advance, please do get in touch or drop us an email.

End of summer holidays.

August 18th 2011
The kids are back at school. Now to get those odd jobs done that have been bugging me all summer and start bidding on some larger contracts. Keep those tenders coming!

Fortnight in the big bother houses.

April 18th 2011
2 weeks, 2 houses carpeted, laminated and decorated. One man still barely standing. It's time for a beer or two!! Emails and phone calls are welcomed again from April 25th onwards.

Happy New Year.

January 4th 2011
A Happy New Year to family, friends, clients, and merchants. Business begins again on Monday the 10th of January.

Customer cancellation.

November 28th 2010
I am available for bookings after December 13th and may have time to squeeze in one more small job in time for Christmas. Call me if you would like a quote.

The man from Wakefield.

November 16th 2010
Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately you didn't leave an email address but we have managed to track you down so your comments will be processed by the correct department in due course.

Interested in buying a new domain name?

August 7th 2010
A sales page has been built to part company with a stockpile of domain names we have gathered over the last few years. We don't need these anymore, please click here for more info if interested.

Warehouse at Speedy Hire Centre in West Edinburgh.

June 14th 2010
Our toughest contract of the year so far involved a tricky 325m2 detailed ceiling at a minimal height of 2.7 metres plus a few extras for Windmill Contracts. Jobs done but my neck and back will surely ache for a few days.

6 mile charity walk.

June 5th 2010
I intend to walk a 6 mile charity fundraiser tomorrow with my son and his grandmother. Donations to Headway East Lothian would be kindly accepted. Fingers crossed the good weather keeps up.

Leaflet drop.

May 20th 2010
The new flyers have arrived back from the printers and we are looking forward to the many miles about to be walked over the weekend raising awareness about how we can repair problematic walls and ceilings in recently built properties. A decoration service is also offered so minor cracking due to house settlement and plasterboard damage can disappear in just a few days.

Website copyright issues.

April 2nd 2010
Do we get mad or should we be flattered that some builders in the same line of work as us have no originality and steal our content and photo's? If they wanted to borrow some material then all they had do was ask, rather than nick it with a copy/paste. The original photos have a much better resolution and no digital footprint or watermark in them.

Anyhow, we are so happy that some competitors think our site has good enough content that's worth taking. Even though a courtesy link back to the original content as a thank you wouldn't have gone amiss, we can live for a month on a nice gesture like that. Thanks guys!

Cracking wee taping job in East Lothian.

March 19th 2010
Working on a great number at the moment. This house extension has 4 velux skylights in the ceiling. A very nice feature in a custom built north facing room that lets lots more sunlight in. There were a lot more corner beads than normal for a job of this size so I completely taped the job out by hand. The only machinery used was the drywall sander.

Building work in Europe.

February 14th 2010
We have returned from our short trip to Holland and it's back to business as usual again in the East of Scotland. All taping, painting, plastering, coving and textured finish contracts will be considered.

Custom build work in Prestonpans.

January 11th 2010
This work has been ongoing for the best part of 9 months. An empty house and double garage have been carefully renovated and rebuilt into a unique creation that has been a good experience for us to be involved in. There is nothing 'off the shelf' about this beautiful home and a lot of the existing features such as the brickwork and ceiling beams have been fully integrated into the new design without looking out of place. Truly a one of a kind.

Drywall and taping forum for professional contractors.

November 26th 2009
Looking for work? Please consider becoming a member of our drywall forum. Half the calls I receive are tradesmen looking for work, unfortunately it's impossible for me to help everyone during these tough times. How would you like to introduce yourself and build a working relationship with nearly 200 other tradesmen and tool suppliers from around the world?

Not so much house bashing these days.

October 9th 2009
Been so busy over the last month doing small contracts. House bashing on new build sites has taken a back seat while I work on custom build renovations for new clients. I can honestly say I don't miss the site contract work at all.

No rest for the wicked.

September 21st 2009
The Famous Peacock Inn in Newhaven, Edinburgh was completely renovated by D & S Joiners and Builders. Even the roof was removed, and we had 10 days to get this area back to a decorated finish while one of the busiest restaurants in the city continued to operate around us. Before, during and after photo's. (I have yet to take this photo)

Small jobbing contracts, lots of driving and always a pleasure.

September 16th 2009
At 3 different jobs on the same day? ...who said men can't multitask?

Taping site gets a rename and an overhaul.

September 1st 2009
I decided to freshen up the site a wee bit. Nothing radical, just a lick of paint to change the colours so I can upload some photo's and new logo.